The basis for the examination and certification according to the European Recreational Craft Directive are not, as often wrongly assumed, the manuals, but always the technical documentation and the inspection. Swiss Lloyd shall runs the examination and certification on the basis of the technical documents drawn up and submitted. An examination of the documents is always accompanied by a visit to the prototype or individual object. The purpose of this inspection is to ascertain the consistency between technical documentation and the object.

Swiss Lloyd examins according the modules as follows:

Module A1 - Internal Certification and Testing

  • for recreational craft, personal watercraft
  • or sound emission testing,
  • typre approval for production vessels (if required)

Module B - Type examination

  • for recreational craft,
  • personal watercraft
  • parts
  • Prototype inspection included

Modul B + F - serial poduction approval

  • for rcreational craft, personal watercraft,
  • for parts

Modul G - Conformity based on unit verification

  • for rcreational craft, personal watercraft,
  • for parts
  • or sound emission testing

Module PCA - Post Construction Assessment

  • for second hand boats
  • for vessels under project management (...)


In addition, Swiss Lloyd is conducting tests and certifications of boatbuilders and marinas on the basis of its own standards in the non-regulated area. These standards are coordinated with the relevant associations. On request, Swiss Lloyd will also carry out tests and certifications which the manufacturer may carry out on its own responsibility in accordance with the law.

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