We link you the export to support the manufacturers of recreational crafts and personal watercraft (PWC)

  •      Support in the preparation of the technical documentation required by the Recreational Craft Directive
  •      Information at the implementation of the basic requirements for the construction and equipment of vessels
  •      Information at compliance with the formal requirements of the Recreational Craft Directive
  •      Creation of guideline-friendly safety manuals in the required official languages of the EU
  •      Information for completing declarations of conformity

Based on the preparation of files SWISS LLOYD is responsible for:

  •      Carry out the tests and inspections according to the selected modules (see module scheme)
  •      Implementation of the conformity assessments and preparation of certificates of conformity (certificates) according to the selected modules
  •      Standard construction supervision on the basis of EC design tests, module B + C (test-like verification of serial production and serial boats, serial certificate and SWISS LLOYD badge for each boat)
  •      noise emission measurements
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